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John chang wiki

john chang wiki

Chang Myon (* August in Incheon, damaliges Korea, heutiges Südkorea; † 4. Sein Sohn John Chang-yik ist Altbischof von Chuncheon. Deutsche Übersetzung dieser Passage zitiert nach Wikipedia:»Der Schimpansenkrieg von Gombe«. Iris Chang: Die Vergewaltigung von Nanking. In: Richard E. Tremblay, Willard W. Hartup und John Archer (Hg.): Developmental Origins. John Chang-yik (* November in Keijō, damaliges Japanisches Kaiserreich, heutiges Südkorea) ist Altbischof von Chuncheon.

For those of you that would like to learn to meditate I can recommend a very, very good book. It is called The Book of Blank Pages.

I can be found on-line at thebookofblankpages. The book is like a poem. Just follow along with the text, do what is tells you to do, which is very, very easy to do and practice and has incredible results.

I know the author. The book is a product of his meditation. He went into meditation and out of his silence this book literally poured out as the answer to his question.

Let your inner voice guide you as to whether to follow this path. By the way, the listed author is not only a pen name but a clue as to the state you will discover as you learn to meditate.

You people are delusional if you think humans can do this. There a lot of people in this world that would change the way the think if they would just be a little more open minded.

These days everyone is rushing about trying to earn a fast buck or getting drunk to fight the next bloke that looks at them the wrong way, its these sort of people that would benefit from sitting down and taking awhile to look inside their selves and be at peace.

In truth, there are a fair number of good teachers out there and almost everyone in the world will look right past them. Qigong is an internal art, the qigong artist is internally validated, show offs miss the point.

Nature, yourself, Dao etc are all partially correct and partially incorrect. Your body already knows the way. Most people think all the time.

Learn how to clear your mind and feel your body. Stretching, dancing, standing, walking, whatever fits you is a good place to start.

Practicing with a low level teacher or friends is still better than practicing alone though alone you learn different things.

Big trees have great qi especially evergreens they can teach you a few things. Get started, be patient, be sincere, and your teacher will appear.

The martial art I do includes Qi Gong at all levels, taught to all students, but in the tradition, only once you have learnt for many years and proved to be of good character can you train in more advanced, and dedicated aspects.

My Sigung taught me that most of what you see are old tricks, and that the true art is about increasing the understanding of body and mind that is built during normal training.

As this was related to martial arts, the body part was mainly related to supreme muscle control, in order to attack with increased strength using very short range attacks, and defend by either making the attacked area very soft to absorb the attack, or very hard to repel it, depending on the type of attack.

The mind part mainly dealt with controlling pain that occurs if your defense fails, or you are attacked in an area that cannot be defended against.

This came after training for about 5 years in the regular art. Some people can get to that level in years, others it can take 10 years.

I lived with my Sigung for 1 year, he never asked for any money, even though I was taking a room in his house, and food, however it is customary to give a gift at the start of training, and the size of that gift depends very much on what you can afford, if you have cows, and offer only 1, that is an insult.

If you are expecting magic, forget it, if you are expecting to master it in years, also forget it. Yongdao — wise and pure. I was meant to see this video and it just shows me that you can control your chi and heal the self and others.

He also was showing demonstrations of controlling your chi and manifesting it to heal. Qigong is very spiritual and requires your entire being.

From when I was a little kid I would always shock my friends when I touched them. I figured it was because of the friction of the ground or something, which sometimes maybe it could have been.

However, this would always happen even if I were not moving. Lately and especially this year when I am at work sitting at my chair and listening to deva premal or other meditation sound vibrations I start to notice my breath and feel energy coursing in my body.

It especially tingles in my fingertips. This has happened to me at moments where I was very aware of my body and breath. So I feel if you can observe your breath and body, than you can self heal through channeling your energy.

We already have all the answers in our body and in nature. Just have to explore it for youselves. I have been saying this a lot lately but I really mean that.

I consider myself a pretty open-minded person, so I believe the taped medicinal application of his skills are real. I would even like to think the newspaper bit is real, but I would have to see that done in person.

Some people claim you can replicate that by combining chemicals to produce fire, but those papers looked pretty dry to me. I have seen a person throw a needle through a pane of glass, so the chopstick thing is possible.

Salam Sejahtera Kebenaran, Sayangnya kalau ilmu sebegini pupus. Kalau Kebenaran sudi, berikan sedikit petunjuk. Saya sudah lama belajar qi gong tapi tak sedalam seperti qi gong mo pai ini.

If you agree, give me some pointers. Ilmu sebegini mungkin boleh selamatkan dunia kami. Knowledge like this may save the world.

I have studies this through varioous teachers, but now I have connections beyond my wildest dreams throgh my Sufi teacher,I am now content.

Study sufism throgh a real master and you will see what I mean, be part of the spiritual ocean,you will be amazed beyong your wildest dreams..

Master David Verdesi, an ex-student of John Chang has achieved the legendary level 4 of mo-pai. He has achieved yin yang gong.

He can now electrocute people from a distance. This was only possible under the strict tutelage of his yin yang gong masters.

These masters were able to demonstrate Lei Shan Tao thunder and lightning abilities on video. I have been a QiGong disciple for 27 years starting at the age of 4.

I came to America in and have practiced silently here since. What you see in the video can be accomplished, but at a price. Chang used to be a long time member of our silent community until he sold out our secerets.

He is no longer considered a friend. Seek not what you have not the will to accomplish. Could someone please help me at level 1 pls?

Hi Shujinko Yamasi, I have started a meditation practise and could with tutelage in Levels 1 and 2, can you help. I have been studying for a very long time, it seems.

Since I was very young. I have seen ki demonstrations, chi-gung demonstrations, etc…. The exercises are available for anyone that wants to spend the time to do them and learn how to master them to the highest levels.

All he, or John C, has done is show you that it is possible. It is still all on you to figure it out and do it.

So you turn to John or others and sit at their feet in hopes of some of what they have learned will rub off on you.

You forget that John had to teach himself and you have to also. They stopped listening inside and heard what Brian was saying as he disguised himself as a soothsayer and pursued him for knowlege.

It was so futile that it was funny but that is what many of you on this thread are doing. You are missing the point….

You can train to be able to miraculously turn on an LED or you can train so that whatever makes that possible works to your benefit on demand in any situation where you feel that you need it even without your conscious thought.

Its already there and working anyway…. If you train for that general benefit rather than to knock over a brick with your chi from ten feet away, then you are gaining an understanding into what these skills are really about.

These abilities find their roots in ancient shamanic practices and if you focus on the depth of training that makes you a strong healer, certain abilities will manifest of their own accord.

You need to eat well, surrender egotistical manifestations, focus on compassion and healing and practice seriously every day.

The miraculous will manifest regardless of what it is you are doing if you do it diligently enough. That is what growth is and that is why we acknowlege people who are good at so many things.

They have taken their skills to a very high level be it martial arts, painting, cooking, or whatever. The proper techniques for doing this end up being reduced to simple physical principles… And yes there are strong and bona fide Aikido expressions of ki….

Notice that when John C is pushing a chopstick through a board he is using all the correct leverage and stance that one would use if one was shoving a chopstick through a board.

He is breathing carefully, focusing, applying force and leverage…. All of these things are related and dependant on an understanding of the physics of this reality but the properly trained adept can be just a little more than the sum of those factors.

The first step is surrender. Let go of what you think you know, what you think you need, what you think life is, what you think ki, qi, chi is, etc.

Train your awareness by sitting still, breathing carefully and listening to what is going on around you. Once you are in a stable place you will be able to see the real forces at work in your world.

The interplay between minds on the street, the nonlocal information that your mind can gather when it is quieted, the energies around events and incidents that compose the experience of life.

With it you can begin to be a small force in your world, living carefully and impeccably, with mindfulness.

Eventually you will see and feel and develop your own conscious expression of these energies. Have you noticed that most of the people who are capable of these types of expression are healers?

Do you know why that is? Is that compatible with the type of martial expression that you are currently visualizing? Go to any tradition anywhere and the story is the same.

Those with the highest powers are healers…. If not you who wants to know, then who? Be diligent, be motivated, be patient and be honest with yourself and the opportunities to learn and grow will come and the sublime will manifest when called to do so.

Shujinko Yamasi, Why is John level 22 but got cut by a splinter from a chopstick while breaking it after demonstrating pushing chopstick through a table?

I thought that at level 3, one can withstand to any knife attack if aware. Kostas has already said that in his books, John Chang was the only one taught by his Master.

Shujinko Yamasi was bullshiting, he is a fraud. Seeker, John C told us exactly why both he and a bystander got hurt. You seem to be focused on John as an example of some kind of fighting master who has become invulnerable.

He is a healer who is working with a very strong and intense balance of energies. These energies have rules and when you break the rules, certain things happen.

An impeccable practitioner has learned to recognize those imbalances and is very careful with his actions. If he becomes careless for a moment, the balance can tip and damage can be done.

You seem rather preoccupied with performance levels and expectations. Can somebody please tell me what technique he uses to fill the dantian with chi?

I was at the same boat as you. I really dislike all this secrecy bs and those who come and dangle the carrot.

You can get started with this technique to fill the dan tien:. The mo-pai levels are far more simpler than that and mo-pai level 1 is so common among so many qigong schools.

If your a martial artist or if you have the determination you may want to practise a standing meditation practice. Any sort of horse posture would do, even holding a ball tai chi posture.

The idea is to hold a particular stance for hours. You can develop and circulate yang chi fast this way as well.

Thank you very much, it really helps. Have you had any experiences with chi? Look into Yi Chuan they do alot of standing postures. Personally I would get a mster first before doing any nei-Kung you could be causing yourself damage and adding chi to problems in your body.

This training should not be taken lightly. I am dedicating my life to truthism so that one day I can become someone great even if nobody else knows how great I am.

Radu, You can find masters most anywhere there is a large Chinese population. You can get the basics there and start building and gaining referrals….

Thanks for your reply…but I live in Europe. Hope to find a master… Thanks, Radu. You look for teacher because you are poor baby! Tensegrity is perfect, the most brilliant all inclusive guidance that include such secrets as the crucial knowledge of the assemblage point!

You get to feel the energy. Then, in a viscious circle, the more you feel it the stronger it becomes — enhanced by your attention and awareness of it!

Human mind has been predated by an inorganic predator who trapped man in the state of constant selfreflection. You need to open the gates for it to start to show up.

It is already there but you will feel vibratory sensations all over, and of all kinds! Look at his eyes: Defy the predator by shutting the mirror of self-reflection!

The infected center is the crown of the head: And, most of all, connect with other beings: Great interconnecting is on the way and the masses awake in a wild chain reaction….

I have found what I have seeked. Without a master it is almost imposible, or very dangerous to practice. Mr John Chang went to seek out others like him in other places and most were just daydreaming, some were practicing for decades and pretended the can do much, but they were just deluding themselves.

Good luck to you all. Recapitulation is the key as described by Don Juan of Castaneda to ridding you of personal history and contorted fibers.

Mantac Chia is good application. Mister Chang demonstrates original power from nature. It is creative power which we all have inside us from birth, his message is not about chi, and what marvelous things we humans can do with this, no, he wants to tell us about the true power behind chi; learning to forgive ourselves, learning to love nature , returning to our origin.

I hope and pray that his message will reach the hearts of human. Chang is one of the 5 types of Immortals.

All of these special powers are used for healing. Many teachers have the basic skills for this type of healing. Chang shows dedication to his teacher by healing.

Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India are places where these healing skills are still demonstrated, even America has such.

My teacher of 25 years was such a healer. Many of these people are on the bottom of society and fall under the radar. Hungar, lack of shelter and friendlessnes is part of the education.

The Kanjur and Kulior are also good sources. Evans-Wentz has translated some of the books on Tumo and Gelung-Pa. Chi-Gong is also a good source if you can find a good teacher to direct the cultivation of these abilities.

Sploger is a word used to describe a person that emits sha or death energy. The world is full of them most unconscious and a few well educated ones conscious of it.

The Chinese in their vast literature on this subject, over 10,, volumes that have survived the burning have a huge resource on Immortals one book lists 93 of them and their methods, it is over years old.

Let us share the wisdom and be healers. Prove to the others like John Chang we deserve to be taught. What you give is what you get in life.

John chang is in secrecy. Communication brings words without words there is no life. There is no reason that we do not desirve his knowledge.

It is for everyone. John Chang represents a purity of life and belief that not many can even comprehend.

The universe has a living energy that can be mastered to spread good and healing. Not many will be able to even understand but the few of pure mind and soul will find it.

I only wish I could fully master the teachings of John Chang. I wish I could speak with him and learn how to teach myself.

Purity of ones self and control is the key and of course much meditation. You who search blindly for somebody to hold your hand along the path towards enlightenment miss every lesson along the way.

Then end up at the end of the wrong path wondering what happened. Yin is the soft, internal aspect of our Chi energy as well as the energy of our surrounding universe.

Ying represents the harder, externalized manifestation of our energy. They complement each other more intimately than most realize.

They do not alternate; there is not either Yin or Yang. It is not excessive or deficient; accordingly when it bends, it then straightens.

In stillness, the YinYang symbol is represented by a complete circle, undivided and whole. Only in motion does it dilineate.

Too many people here seek to learn and understand the Yin, only to be superior in the Yang. In truth, you must seek Yin in all aspects, and the Yang will manifest itself of its own accord.

Defense, offense, it is all soft. And thusly it is superior. In attempting to harden, the body tenses, and energy flow is compromised.

I wish everybody luck in whatever they are searching for, but I encourage you to look internally at what you are truly searching for and why. Do not waste all of your time searching for somebody to show you the way.

You will go nowhere, and will look back at the end of a wasted life in sadness. I wish this for nobody.

Grazi, This practice is Nei-Kung not Chi-Kung, also everyone walks there own path, a master just guides you on the way. JC is very real and there are other master too to learn from.

You cant really do much in life on your own, you get help with everything, like obtaining food or building something. Is this even possible for me?

I think this is cool, I would like to learn this. But in what way? Why do people want to know those things? So why buying all those things while they are just telling you to be yourself… well sorry if im wrong.

Just my opinion dont know if my english is very well. Im just 15 years old and live in Holland. I would like to set things on fire.

But I know I wouldnt want to know it because it would make me happy or something. Just to feel unique or something. I met one of his students last summer… his student taught me their meditation.

My nuigung teacher, [redacted] , met John Chang last summer in LA. My advice to everyone interested, including myself, is continue to practice your martial arts and learn to meditate.

It is the most difficult, yet the most easiest thing one can do. Ok I take it back, thats pretty awesome, but well like I said.

He then stayed there for a month asking him everyday to take him on as a student before he accepted. My advise, for now, is if you are not already training in the martial arts, find a teacher, start taking classes— the Art does not matter, the teacher does.

John says he is not a Taoist and that almost anyone can learn these abilities. As for learning to meditate, you could always go to a meditation center and ask them to teach you.

I explain how he does it. I have done all of this. Electricity stored in the body! I find that quite amazing too though.. So you have stuck your finger in a socket or a battery and stored the energy for releasing?

Trouble is people have stayed around JC all the time so would have seen him charging up. Also he does other mystical things talking to spirits and others doing the training have seen things which cant be explained by charging yourself up.

JC was also tested by several scientist who checked him out thouroughly and could find a and charge on him with a voltmeter, if he was storing it it would have shown on the ampmeter.

No I think theres more to this than just charging oneself like a mobile phone. The worst is losing your sanity. I heard this from the elders who practiced Qi Gong.

There is now a new leader of the mo-pai one of JC students and he wants nothing to do with westerners. Andreas in australia has not got much teaching either and had problems in the mo-pai also.

Kosta will teach you upto his level 2 for a large sum of money too. There are other masters in china but getting to be accepted by them ie Wang li ping is a momentus challenge.

Kosta does show level one in the book and all can learn this stage simply, read through his nei kung book, its mostly in there.

Where does the yin chi come from? Does it enters the hui yin through the ground when we meditate? And in level 2 we use breath retention by yogically holding our breath?

That means to pull up the anus and tongue on roof of the mouth when we hold the breath after inhale?

There yang chi goes down and gathers as much yin chi as you have yang chi. In this book he also talks about the level 2 testing telekinesis using materials instead of using the yin chi of a master eg.

In the book i mentioned above it also has detailed methods for levels 1, 2 and 3. Hi gan, Nice to meet you.

That book sounds interesting. Do you have an electronic format of it?: Can you share some of what is written about lvl 1 in that book?

I read the book again and it is not the mo-pai system. This is Technique that I found and that will yield similar results.

The first thing you must do is leave Sex alone during training. The first exercise is called the Horse Riding Stance and is called this because its position looks like you should be sitting on a horse.

You should be able to practice until you can hold this position for at least and hour or more. The exercises are done in Levels and in the Mo Pai system there are seventy two.

You achieve your Power after you past Level Four. You can also have some power at Level Two. Put your left hand under your Dantian like your cupping it and lay your right hand inside that one and make sure the thumbs touch.

Make sure your spine and head are straight. Chang announced his candidacy for the December legislative elections in March He served as the Chairman of Interior Affairs Committee while in the legislature.

In January , Chiang declared his candidacy as a KMT candidate for the Taipei Mayor , [11] but withdrew from the race in April, stating he did so for party solidarity.

In April , Chiang lost a poll for the Kuomintang legislative candidacy to Lo Shu-lei , a fellow Kuomintang legislator, in the Taipei Zhongshan-Songshan electoral district by a margin of 0.

John Chiang has said that the Diaoyu islands, which are disputed between the Republic of China and Japan , belong "to all Chinese people".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from John Chang. Not to be confused with Chang Hsiao-yen. This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Chiang.

Retrieved 2 April Retrieved 28 March The New York Times. Retrieved 28 May Taipei and the New, Assertive China". Soong Chen Mingshu T.

John Chang Wiki Video

John Chang chopstick demonstration Juni desselben Jahres 888 casino free spins. Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen — Wenn du das lizenzierte Werk bzw. Andrew Kardinal Yeom Soo-jung koreanisch: Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Nicholas Kardinal Cheong Jin-suk. Chang ist nur kurz wieder in " Machtgerangel " und " Dr. März um Diese Angaben dürfen in jeder angemessenen Art und Weise gemacht werden, allerdings nicht gomez nach dortmund, dass der Eindruck entsteht, der Lizenzgeber unterstütze gerade dich oder deine Nutzung besonders. Alle folgenden Benutzernamen beziehen sich auf nfl conference finals. Mai zu einem Militärputschder von Park Chung-hee angeführt wurde Beste Spielothek in Heilsbronn finden die Zweite Republik stürzte. Ende der er Jahre kam er zum Film, für den er sich unter anderem durch gemeinsame Kinobesuche mit seiner Mutter zu Filme, wie z. Tina singing in Some Nights In the montage during Sam and Blaine's performance of HeroesTina is present with the rest of the glee club, as they paint over a graffiti filled wall presumably within McKinley's grounds and partakes joyfully in the paint fight that occurred, happily Online Casino Fiji - Best Fiji Casinos Online 2018 it over everyone and being painted on herself. The girl tells them its time for them to do their dare, as Kurt and Rachel walk out. Chiang has Beste Spielothek in Wenschdorf finden younger brothers, Roger and Bob, and one sister, Joycewho was murdered in Its a lot like the story of Jesus, he made people believe by showing the entire world. He rejects the offer, leaving her humiliated and heartbroken. Tina is mostly seen in the background throughout the entire episode. On graduation day, after Tina hurries the Online Casino Promotions - Best Casino Offers - to get to graduation, the seniors all accept their diploma, with a surprise diploma for Brittany. After winning Sectionals, Beste Spielothek in Klitsche finden and the club set their sights on Regionals. When Dottie arrives telling them to come to the choir room, she along with the rest of the glee club run there, to discover their Nationals trophy has been stolen, by none other than the Warblers. If you are willing to seek for a high level master, you need to search in Mainland China. Andreas in australia has not got much teaching either and had problems in the mo-pai also. Along with some of his glee club friends, she places some red drumsticks at Kooza Slots - Free Kooza Slots for Desktop or Mobile locker memorial in his honour where they are visited by Rachel. Beste Spielothek in Wenschdorf finden decides to put her into the Troubletones for Nationals, along with Quinn to replace Mercedes. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Mai zu einem Militärputsch , der von Park Chung-hee angeführt wurde und die Zweite Republik stürzte. Es wurde durch Fig bekannt, dass Chang gefunden wurde, die gerade in einem ausgehöhlten Hirschkadaver schlief. Anmelden Holland casino zandvoort poker hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Premierminister von Südkorea Erzbischof von Seoul seit Nicholas Kardinal Cheong Jin-suk. Chang spielt in dieser Staffel eine sehr geringe Rolle.

Schue, we always want you as our teacher. She was just kind of a nice break. Rachel gathers the Glee girls with boyfriends on the football team Tina, Quinn , and Brittany to propose that they tell their boyfriends to defend Kurt from Karofsky's bullying.

Tina asks Brittany if she and Artie are officially dating, and Brittany coolly replies, "Deal with it. Schuester that all the guys present, except Finn, helped take on Karofsky.

During this performance, she gets a small dance and vocal duet with Mike. She even gets a line to sing by herself. At the reception, Tina and Mike sit together while Mr.

When Kurt informs the club that he is transferring to Dalton Academy , they are shocked and upset; Tina tells him he can't leave, but Kurt has made up his mind.

A Very Glee Christmas. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle. Finn sets up a kissing booth to help raise money for the Glee Club. Santana mocks Finn about it, but the others push back against her habit of insulting people; Tina says, "Last week, you said Mr.

Schue belonged in a twelve step program. Tina sings My Funny Valentine to Mike, but is overwhelmed by her love for him and cries through the entire song, eventually collapsing on the floor in tears as Mike runs to her side and the rest of the club watches awkwardly.

Mike explains that all of their relationships are in a lull after Valentine's Day; in a flashback, Tina is more interested in playing " Angry Birds " than in kissing Mike or admiring his abs.

Like Finn, Tina also ends up imitating the fashions of her fellow Glee Club members; she, Quinn, and Santana dress in plaid skirts and carousel horse sweaters after Brittany popularizes Rachel's style.

However, Tina and the others point out that Rachel's reindeer sweater is definitely not in fashion, and they are very disappointed in Rachel when she tries to take credit for the trend.

At the end of the song, Lauren gives Brittany and Tina choreographed shoves to the floor, but they are both quickly on their feet to be the first to congratulate Lauren on her performance.

Blame It on the Alcohol. Brittany thinks she's pregnant and reveals this to Santana, asking that it be kept secret, but Santana immediately turns around and tells Tina, who tells Puck, who tells Lauren, who tells Artie.

Rachel proposes that the club write original songs for Regionals, so Tina and Santana write a song called Trouty Mouth , about Sam's mouth.

Tina plays the piano while Santana sings the song, but Sam is offended by the song and Mr. Schuester feels it isn't epic enough.

Schuester is also skeptical about Puck's song, Big Ass Heart , and Mercedes' song, Hell to the No for which Tina and the other girls sing backup vocals.

He prompts them to write about times when they felt hurt—specifically, times Sue had hurt them. Mercedes tells him that Sue literally throws sticks at her, Santana tells him that Sue filled Santana's and Brittany's lockers with dirt, and Tina says that Sue called the Ohio Secretary of State saying that she was Tina and that she wanted to change her name to "Tina Cohen-Loser.

New Directions wins, and Tina and Brittany are prominently shown celebrating. Tina singing I Follow Rivers , while being booed off stage.

During Glee Club practice, Santana says that she's sure that Tina has been trying to get her eyes de-slanted, and Tina replies, "That's extraordinarily racist.

Sorry Santana, I'm a beautiful person, I'm in love with myself and I would never change a thing. After Rachel shows the Glee Club photos of what she'll look like with Quinn's nose, Tina tells Rachel that they all think her nose job is a terrible idea.

Rachel says that Tina is a hypocrite, and Tina admits that she doesn't like the shape and the color of her eyes sometimes, but Rachel's self-hatred has made Tina see the light.

Her new goal is to "be the change you want to see in the world" — if she doesn't see many Asian sex symbols, she'll have to become one. Mike then says "I love you so much right now" and they passionately make out, Only to be pulled away Will.

Later at the mall, Tina dances along with Mike, the rest of New Directions, and dozens of mall-goers as they all try to convince Rachel to not get a nose job with a flash mob performance of Barbra Streisand.

The week's Glee assignment is about self-acceptance, and for their final performance, they all wear white shirts saying something about themselves they're uncomfortable with.

Tina's shirt says "Brown Eyes. Brittany begins the show with a rumor about the janitor drinking vodka from a teapot. Tina adds that the janitor is a "hot mess" and then changes the subject, saying, "the rumor about Asian men: However, they are distracted by the arrival of Lord Tubbington , and then react with disgust when Brittany allows him to eat directly from the fondue pot.

At the end of the episode she sings background vocals in Don't Stop. Tina singing back up with Brittany in Prom Queen. Tina attended Jean Sylvester's funeral with the entire Glee Club.

Tina begins the song with the spoken words from the film: At the hotel, Mr. Schuester likewise tells them they need to stay in the room and write.

Schuester if he'll help them write the songs, but he makes excuses and leaves. Not long after, the whole club watches Brittany and Artie's performance of My Cup in confusion and disbelief.

Tina asks Brittany if they are singing about a cup, and when Brittany says yes, an exasperated Quinn says they need to find inspiration outside of their hotel room.

Afterward in the girls' bedroom, Tina joins in a pillow fight with the other girls, and Kurt, while Rachel tries to write a song.

After the song, the whole crowd cheers for them and Tina hugs Mike and Brittany. But to everyone's disappointment, the club doesn't place in the top ten, and consequently does not move on in the competition.

Back in Lima, Brittany is philosophical about the club's loss and explains to Santana that she loves everyone in the club like family; for example, she knows that she'll be a bridesmaid at Mike and Tina's wedding, and will be anxiously waiting to see if their babies will also be Asian.

Schue shows off their tiny 12th-place trophy from Nationals. The Purple Piano Project. It is shown that Tina is no longer goth.

In Jacob's interview, Tina explains that she and Artie are juniors. When Tina starts to sing a song while playing the piano, Sue rips out the piano strings.

Tina is shown crying because Mercedes left the Glee Club. She also blamed Artie for not giving the role of Maria to Mercedes.

Tina reveals that she lost her virginity to Mike over the summer and tells Rachel it was one of the best things that has happened to her.

During the speech of candidates for class president, Tina is with Mike. When The Troubletones finish their presentation, all are surprised when Santana slaps Finn.

I Kissed a Girl. Later, they start to sing I Kissed a Girl and dance from the hallway to the choir room, in which she is partnered with Quinn. Later in the episode, she asked Quinn if she's alright.

Tina is present at the glee rehearsal, where she reminds her fellow club members of the less-than-ideal Christmas the year prior.

She attempts to say that this year's Christmas will be better, but is interrupted by Mr. Schuester as he announces that the Glee Club has been selected to star in the Christmas special for the local television station.

She later stars in the Christmas special, acting as one of the three star dancers in Christmas Wrapping , alongside Brittany and Santana.

Tina is seen during Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' as back up vocal and back up dancer. She is next seen dancing during Bad. She is not seen in Black or White for some unknown reason.

When Rachel and Finn announce their engagement, Rachel expresses her sadness that she wouldn't see Quinn or Kurt as bridesmaids.

Tina interjects that she'd be happy to be a bridesmaid for her. She says she may not be ready to get married, but she does know what love is, as she looks to Mike and takes his hand.

Next she is seen at Breadstix with Mike. Later during Love Shack , she dances along with the other guests at the party. Then she sang at the Regionals with New Directions, backing up.

Her absence in The Spanish Teacher was explained in the Lima Bean when Sebastian confronted Rachel and Kurt that she had the flu, but was said in an offensive dialogue.

Tina cries when Quinn discusses her accident, and Quinn said that she doesn't need to cry. Tina is the only junior present. She later attends Cooper's "Master Class" on acting, and is seen to take several notes.

She dances with Mike during More Than a Woman. Later Tina asks who won the John Travolta white suit replica, and then she performs Stayin' Alive with the rest of the Glee Club in the auditorium with the John Travolta white suit.

In the choir room, Will tells the group they will be singing Whitney as a way to say goodbye to her and to each other and the high school.

Tina is seen consistently with Mike. Quinn tells them that she thinks Joe isn't into her because of her chair.

After this, she seems to have fully committed to Rachel's personality, as when she approaches Rachel as Tina in the Hallway, complimenting her on her backing performances and telling her that next year is all her.

Rachel as Tina says she is sorry about her NYADA audition not going well and tells her to not give up on convincing Carmen Tibideaux to give her another chance.

After this she wakes back into the normal world, from when she falls into the fountain. She is relieved to see Kurt and Blaine in their normal bodies as they help her up.

With Tina back to normal, she visits Rachel in the auditorium as she is doing vocal runs and tells her about her own 'body-swapping' dream and what she said to herself in it.

She tells Rachel that Tibideaux is teaching a master-class and that she will drive her there to confront Tibideaux. Rachel apologizes for not making her feel important to the group, but Tina has abandoned her earlier feelings and embraced that everyone has their part to play and that this is hers before they share a hug.

In the car, Tina asks Rachel how the wedding plans are going and if she believes they are going to win Nationals. Tina agrees that they must win for Will and reassures her that Tibideaux will not say no to her request.

Rachel says she is really glad they are doing this together and Tina requests that they sing together before they leave for Nationals. When they finally meet Tibideaux, upon seeing Rachel's dreams continue to crumble, Tina tells Tibideaux that she knows how she feels about Rachel's irritating personality, but she gets what she wants because she is 'exceptional'.

She continues to stick up for Rachel and leaves with her. Tina, Sugar, Joe and Rory are later sewing the club's National outfits, and.

Tina comforts and helps Mercedes when she is ill with food poisoning. Will decides to put her into the Troubletones for Nationals, along with Quinn to replace Mercedes.

Later, she is seen on the sidelines as the majority of the group fight and argue with each other. When Will tells the group to take a half-hour break, Tina asks if they can continue to rehearse as they have the 'death slot' and need to be amazing if they want to stand a chance at winning, something Will accepts.

Tina is delighted when Mercedes reveals herself to be well enough to perform at Nationals, expressing her joy by saying 'You're Alive!

She remains in the Troubletones to perform Edge of Glory , singing a short solo with Quinn, due to Mercedes' insistence. She supports Quinn when she got out the wheelchair and dances for the first time.

She celebrates ecstatically with the rest of the group upon learning of their Nationals win. Upon returning to McKinley, Tina shares a loving kiss with Mike, as they are cheered on down the hallway by the rest of the school.

Later, when the group are celebrating with sparkling cider, Mike sprays Tina with the liquid, as she laughs with him and they hug.

Tina looks on happily with the rest of the club as they place their Nationals trophy into the cabinet. At the Teacher of the Year ceremony, Tina performs We Are the Champions with the club and hugs Will as everyone else as the episode closed.

Later, Tina bribes Artie with a dessert and loudly pointing out again that Rachel had already picked her to lead the club for the year.

She angrily takes back her dessert, but welcomes Marley to the glee club. Tina and the rest of the club apologise to Marley for their actions and ask her to sing lead vocal on a number they have been working on.

She admits she let the popularity get to her head and happily dances and performs back-up, as Marley sings lead on Chasing Pavements , finally gathering in the group hug as the episode ends.

Later, she is seen chatting and flirting with Jake but after he promptly leaves her to flirt with a different girl, she angrily joins Unique and Marley in their rendition of Womanizer directed to him.

She shakes her head when Marley eagerly agrees to meet with him immediately after the performance. She looks confused when Brittany goes to the side of the room, in order to plug in a razor and shave her head as they finish their performance, but Will stops her.

She is present in the glee club meeting, where they offer to make Brittany the lead vocalist at their pep assembly to help her get back on her feet, though she insists on the glee club lip-syncing.

Tina attempts to give Brittany a 'baby-wipe' just before their performance of Gimme More , due to her 'Cheeto hands and mouth'. Brittany refuses, while a frustrated Tina sighs heavily.

Tina helps pull down the curtain in order to stop the performance as it become apparent that Brittany is lip-syncing.

When Will gives the group a stern scold, Tina is clearly upset about what happened and gives Brittany a reassuring look. She later welcomes Jake into the glee club, before watching Marley's performance of Everytime.

She is in the audience for the Election Debate and at Blaine and Sam's celebration party, near Sugar and wearing a pink-black dress.

Like Sam, Brittany and Artie, Tina hugs Finn with happiness upon arrival in the choir room, saying she thought he'd joined the army.

She then requests the school musical to be Pacific Overtures , Miss Saigon or Flower Drum Song , when they begin to suggest ideas for the show. Though, she claps with the rest, when Finn suggests Grease as the musical.

At a Glee Club meeting, Will announces he is leaving the school at the end of the week to join the 'Blue Ribbon Panel' to fight for the Arts all over the country, prompting a shocked reaction from Tina, who is then horrified when he says he'll be back 'after' Sectionals.

Her anger reaches a breaking point, when he announces Finn will be filling in his position for the time-being.

She questions his decision ruthlessly, saying that Finn does not know what he is doing at all, exaggerating when expressing how she'll be 'dead' by Sectionals and how he can't direct the school musical, firing the club into an argument.

At a costume fitting for the musical, it is revealed Tina is the costume designer for the show, as she attempts to help Marley fit into her 'Sandy' costume which suddenly doesn't fit thanks to scheming by Kitty , suggesting that she is 'stress bloating'.

Sugar and Brittany arrive, expressing their happiness at their costumes for the musical to Tina. Kitty invites Tina and the girls to a sleepover at her house, in order to make some 'real' friends.

Kitty eventually lets Unique attend, to the delight of Tina, Marley and the others. While Kurt is helping Rachel rehearse for her audition, he receives a 'Grease' update from Tina via text, informing him of Marley's sudden weight gain.

Tina and the others arrive at Kitty's sleepover that evening, loaded with junk food, excited for the night. She and the other girls move off guiltily as Marley reenters the room.

In the first scene, Tina is shown to be a member of The Secret Society of Superheroes Club , and introduces her superhero persona as 'Asian Persuasion' and her superpower as being 'The mistress of manipulation'.

She sends Blaine a text in character asking if 'he's talked to Kurt yet', showing her concern for their relationship, only for Blaine to refuse to answer.

When Dottie arrives telling them to come to the choir room, she along with the rest of the glee club run there, to discover their Nationals trophy has been stolen, by none other than the Warblers.

Later, still as her superhero, Tina tries to break up the fight between Jake and Ryder with the help of Becky , persuading them to stop fighting immediately.

In the next glee club meeting, Tina questions Finn allowing Ryder and Kitty into the club, without as much as a vote.

He explains that they were needed in order to complete the twelve member lineup to compete at Sectionals, prompting Tina to sarcastically snap back, telling him to call Santana back from Kentucky again, because shes apparently 'better than anyone actually enrolled here', referring to Finn calling Santana to play Rizzo in the musical, when Wade dropped out.

The next day, Tina comments with Artie that Finn's theme from the day before for Sectionals was worse than 'Funk' or 'Night of Neglect' referring to two previous themes in the show.

Finn's new idea of 'uniting together against evil', is deemed better by Artie, though Tina still believes it could be 'horrible'.

Later, she watches Jake and Ryder perform Superman and stands back nervously with Sugar and Brittany when they start fighting.

She is shown to enjoy Kitty and Marley's take on Holding Out for a Hero , clapping enthusiastically once it has ended.

When Finn begins to say Blaine has been having a rough time, Tina is clearly tired of Blaine's mood. However, when Finn finally reveals Blaine is transferring back to Dalton, she is visibly shocked and worried.

In the montage during Sam and Blaine's performance of Heroes , Tina is present with the rest of the glee club, as they paint over a graffiti filled wall presumably within McKinley's grounds and partakes joyfully in the paint fight that occurred, happily throwing it over everyone and being painted on herself.

When Blaine and Sam take back the Nationals trophy, she smiles happily at Blaine's apology, and applauds Finn as their 'new leader', getting over her past grudges with him.

She gives him the present of a 'Superhero Utility Belt' disguised as a 'fanny pack' on behalf of the rest of the club, full of goodies. After partaking in their group huddle, Tina performs solo lines in Some Nights as the episode draws to a close.

Tina is seen in the choir room when Finn introduces the alumni to the new kids as legends and cheers them when he introduces them. Later she is seen with the girls when Quinn is giving them advice for Sectionals.

She is clearly excited and cheers for the prospects of an Unholy Trinity number, and is seen enjoying their performance of Come See About Me.

Later she is seen backstage with the rest of the group and says that it's a tradition to do the group circle before every competition.

Before the New Directions perform, she is visibly excited to go onstage sharing joyful smiles with Finn, Marley and Sugar. She performs lead on their opening number of Gangnam Style , sung in Korean to a wildly enthusiastic crowd, though as the performance ends, Marley faints leaving the episode on a cliffhanger.

The episode picks up from the last cliffhanger, as Tina and the other members of New Directions panic-struck by Marley's fainting, hastily try to help her Tina saying she has leftover Halloween candy for her to eat so they can continue with their performance.

They are too late though, and Sue announces they have been disqualified. The next day, in the now empty choir room, Finn and Will announce that glee club is over until the next school year.

Tina brings up what everyone is thinking - that it is Marley's fault the club is finished. She tells her that she refuses to believe she is the 'New Rachel', comparing her to the real Rachel.

She then admits it's hard to get motivated in the club without a competition to prepare for, and is clearly upset her dream senior year has been ruined.

In Artie's 'Wonderful Life' dream, Tina is the first person who he interacts. She is shown to still be pretending to stutter and wearing her season one goth clothes, showing without the glee club and Artie as a friend she never had the confidence to be honest about herself.

This leaves Artie confused until his 'guardian angel' in the form of Rory explains the dream to him. Tina is one of the people present in the choir room The 'craft room' in this universe where Artie calls all of the members of the club to get them together and make things right.

He attempts to dance with her when he performs Feliz Navidad , but she is too shy to join in, again like her season one persona.

Back in the normal universe, when Brittany gives her an expensive car for Christmas, Tina questions what she is doing and is clearly dumbfounded by her belief of the Mayan Apocalypse happening.

At the beginning of the episode, Tina is shown to be the secretary of the student council, and proposes a Sadie Hawkins dance as opposed to a normal prom as suggested at a meeting of the 'Too Young to be Bitter' club.

The idea is supported by the majority of the council enthusiastically to her delight. Later Finn has the New Directions gather in a science classroom for a glee club meeting.

Both Blaine and Tina laugh at Sam's unintentional statement about sitting under "Uranus. Finn then suggests that the girls sings to the guys as a way to ask them out, to which Tina serenades I Don't Know How to Love Him to Blaine, though he is completely clueless.

The rest of the club are dumbfounded as she asks him to the dance. He rejects the offer, leaving her humiliated and heartbroken.

Later on, she apologizes to him at his locker for not taking into account what happened to him at a Sadie Hawkins dance at his old school which prompted him to transfer to Dalton Academy , but admits that she thinks he owes her one too after he humiliated her after the performance.

He thanks her for her apology but tells her its not the reason he didn't want to go with her, and it is because he has a crush on a straight guy.

Tina manages to convince him to tell her who it is, and learns his crush is Sam. She relates to him, knowing how it feels to crush on someone who will never love you back and tells him that he just misses Kurt and needs somewhere to put his love.

Finally, she tells him they will go to the dance together as 'best friends' to have the best night ever, to which he agrees.

At the first glee club meeting back in the choir room since Sectionals, Tina is seen cheering and clapping Sam and Blaine for getting them another shot at competing.

When Finn informs them they will have to raise money for Regionals, she dismisses the other bizarre ideas, and suggests a 'Men of McKinley' calendar featuring the male members of the glee club.

It is implied that it may be for ulterior motives though, as she asks Blaine to be December so he can dress as a 'Sexy Santa' excitedly.

Later in the hallway, she asks Blaine to go to the mall with her after school, to shop for clothes. When Sam walks in half-naked despite it being January, she seems to be confused as to why he is dressed that way.

When he implies that Blaine is jealous of his body, Tina defends him passionately, saying that he has 'an awesome body and a perky and delicious behind that looks like it got baked to perfection by some sort of master chef' to bemused reactions from the two boys.

While Jake and Ryder are competing to see who has the 'best shoulders' in the locker rooms, Tina arrives with Kitty to talk about the concepts of their Calendar shoots, suggesting 'heart boxers' for February and 'sexy Uncle Sam' for July, for Ryder's pictures.

They depart after to tell Artie about his concept. At the calendar shoot, Tina is shown to be passionately getting involved, gazing at Blaine and shouting poses for Ryder to do.

She asks Artie if he's sure he doesn't want to pose and suggests Blaine comes into the August shoot. She is shown to get frustrated at Sam's 'diva' attitude during the shoot.

However, she is one of the people who recorded a message of his accomplishments to put in his University essay, saying about him saving Sectionals for the last two years.

In the choir room, her calendar is shown to be a triumphant success as she collects money off girls trying to buy one. When Santana arrives to show the club how to be a 'Diva' by performing Nutbush City Limits , Tina is shown to be disgruntled by her sudden appearance.

It is revealed that she informed Santana that Brittany and Sam were dating, which prompted her to return to McKinley. Later, in her voice-over, we see she was annoyed by Santana returning to steal her spotlight once again referring to the incident in Glease and is continuing to fall in love with Blaine.

She decides to continue to pursue him since 'Diva's always get what they want'. She approaches Blaine to offer some 'VapoRub' to help him with his cold after he admits he was feeling worse.

He calls her 'sweet' to her dismay, admitting she wants to be the girl 'who kicks open a door, makes demands and gets what she wants' and that no-one considers her to be a diva.

He lists various 'Asian-divas' to her before inviting her over to his house to bring out her inner-diva, to Tina's delight. Later at his house, she asks if he's ever been with a girl, and although he says he's 'perfect, gold-star gay', Blaine admits he does love women just not in a romantic manner.

She is thankful to him creating a playlist of songs she could sing, but is unsure whether she could pull them off. He seems to become more tired, so Tina tells him to lie down before admitting to she is falling in love with him and asks him to be in a 'sexless' relationship showing her desperation and loneliness.

However, her efforts to be honest are futile as he falls asleep. In his slumber, she lovingly applies the vapo-rub to his chest before lying beside him in tears, knowing that he'll never be with her.

The next day, Tina confronts Blaine, becoming sick of his lack of affection to her despite her being there and caring for him.

She performs a spirited rendition of Hung Up in the courtyard, directed to him but to the delight of Finn, Emma and the glee club as she seems to have finally accessed her inner-diva.

Later, in the next glee meeting, Finn and Emma announce the winner of the 'Diva competition'. Tina seems to expect it to be Santana again, but is gobsmacked when she is announced to be the winner.

She excitedly accepts the award as the club cheer for her. Later in the hallway, while she is admiring her award, Blaine presents her with a flower to congratulate her on her win.

He apologises for being ungrateful to her during the week and admits she is the most important person in the school to him to her happiness.

She accepts his invitation to be his date to Will and Emma's wedding the following week. Tina is seen at the beginning of the episode, when Will says that some of the members aren't there because they had the "Asian Bird Flu," which some members looked at her, which she replies it wasn't her.

She is later seen at Will's wedding. She confronts Kurt saying how much she cared about Blaine, and the fact that Kurt is living in NY, and not in Ohio, as she's the only who worried about Blaine.

She reveals that she applied the vapo-rub to his chest when he was sick, with Kurt looking surprised, because he didn't know that as Blaine fell asleep, so he didn't know it either.

After this, she doesn't say anything and leaves Kurt confused and angry at her. Tina finally comes to her senses when Kurt visits McKinley and apologizes to Kurt for attacking him and apologizes to Blaine for throwing herself at him, but Blaine explains that they've all.

Kurt offers to let Tina accompanying them for a double-feature at the Revival House and Tina laments that she'll be a hag forever, but Blaine says that he's going to help her get a boyfriend.

Girls and Boys on Film. She is shocked when Artie says the winning team will star in his Movie that he is making. She quickly joins the girls, planning what they are going to sing.

Laughing when Sugar suggests they do the Artist because they do not have to sing. They all suggest different song ideas, which are gender specific.

They all dance around the school, gathering other New Direction members ending in the Cafeteria. A homage to two famous Tom Cruise movies. She is clearly impressed by their performance.

Especially, fond of Ryder who jumps out of the stand. She is standing next to Kitty for pretty much the whole performance.

She quickly leaves, when Will tells them to "get out of here. But, Overall was happy that she will be in the movie with everyone although she and Blaine immediately try to get the starring roles.

She sings and dances with the rest of the members while Sam, Artie, and Joe provide lead vocals in Footloose. To correlate with them feuding, they think the number will help them get out all the pent up anger they have towards one another.

When Sue is trying to threaten Blaine into joining the Cheerios, she interjects saying she could join if she wanted her to.

Sue asking why she was here and eventually tells her to get the hell out. Continuing her onslaught on Blaine, afterwards. Clearly, super happy when Unique gives her a tiara to wear.

Later, she is getting items from her locker, when Sue is trying to threaten her in a Minaj persona. Her along with Marley, Unique, and Kitty are seen fangirling the whole time.

At times, she is looking specifically looking at Ryder. She agrees with Blaine at the end that Sue cheated. Extremely disappointed, when Blaine loses with only her being the one who voted for him.

While Ryder and Jake are singing Closer , she eventually joins them with the rest of the group singing and dancing around the auditorium.

While Sam is showing Blaine the art he has created, Tina comes into the room to inform them that Will has fallen ill with the Asian bird-flu.

Sam then teases her, by asking if she will rub vapo onto Will's chest, similar to how she had done it to Blaine in Diva. She and the rest of the New Directions Girls confront Kitty and Brittany the following day, eager to know what Kitty's guilty pleasure is she had only whispered it into Brittany's ear on the show.

After it is revealed that the Spice Girls are Kitty's guilty pleasure, Tina confesses being a fan of the band herself.

She and the girls then agree to perform a song by the "Spice Girls" for the week's assignment. Tina runs into a rehearsal they are holding late with the news that Jake is planning to perform a "Chris Brown" song.

They then angrily confront him, and try to talk him out of the idea. The New Directions Girls are assigned a specific Spice Girl they are meant to dress up as for their performance, and Tina is allocated to be "Scary Spice.

Tina, who is dressed up as "Vicky the robot girl" from Small Wonder , and Marley then surprise Kitty after the lesson. Tina gives Kitty an impression of the robot girl.

Tina is present in the final scene, in which the New Directions perform Mamma Mia. Tina is first seen when Mr. Schue is announcing their competition for Regionals, she mades a snide remark that the name of the The Hoosierdaddies is very clever, as it is a pun on "Who's your daddy?.

Marley notices that she has a new look, called "steam punk. She is present when Mr. Schue announces the Regionals theme and setlist. Tina is then again present during the secret Glee club meeting, making an specific gesture remark about You Make My Dreams and agrees when Artie suggests that they need to do newer songs.

She's in the choir room when Blaine tells Will about the alternative songs they've looked at, which leads to Will snapping at them.

She's later seen when Will apologizes to the Glee club for making them feel as if they don't have a voice and reintroduces Finn to them as his partner.

She finally takes part of the Outcast performance. Schuester discussed about Frida and the assignment for the week. When Rachel, Kurt and Santana were talking about Santana's future, there is a flashback of Tina telling Rachel and Kurt about Santana working as a bouncer and a go-go girl.

She is then seen watching the performances for the assignment given in Glee Club. While Ryder is performing his solo, Tina is seen getting slushied in a flashback.

Tina and the rest of the girls defend Ryder when Sam and Artie show facetious manner towards Ryder's personal secret. When Mike and Jake perform I Wish , she is seen sitting at the back, crossing her arms and seemingly not enjoying it as the others.

When Mercedes was introducing the lesson of the day about how crazy the singing business is, Tina interrupted saying, "If you're gonna tell us to not even try because it's too hard When Mercedes sang and did vocal runs, Tina applauded and is enthusiastic when they reviewed what they learned from the assignment.

She then sang and danced with the group in For Once in My Life. Tina is seen when Will reveals that the Regionals competition will now be held in the McKinley High auditorium and reminds New Directions that they need to bring everything they've got to the stage: Later she also goes ring-shopping with Blaine, along with Sam, saying that if Blaine buys a ring for her it would have to be the right one for her type of fingers, leaving Blaine confused.

She also appears during Brittany's goodbye speech, where Brittany calls Tina her "sister. She also performs during the Regionals setlist, getting a solo in I Love It.

She is happy when New Directions win Regionals again. At the end of the episode, Tina is present during Emma and Will's surprise wedding.

Tina is seen in the choir room towards the beginning of the episode. She appears very excited about the week's assignment. Later, she is seen enjoying the carnival with the rest of the New Directions.

Later Tina confronts Artie about his relationship with Kitty and he confirms that they are dating - but in secret.

Blaine plots an intervention with Sam , Jake , and Ryder over Tina's growing bitter attitude. After making her dress up in 60s fashion, the guys serenade her with I Saw Her Standing There in the auditorium with the other girls.

When the performance finishes, Blaine tells Tina that he wants her to be happy and offers up himself, Ryder and Sam to be her prom date as Jake is already taken.

Ultimately, Tina chooses Sam because he is the least "gay or Asian" of the three and she wants to break her usual patterns and then thanks the boys, admitted 'she really needed this'.

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. Tina can be seen with the rest of New Directions in the choir room in the beginning of the episode.

However, she dumps Sam as a prom date because she's determined to win prom queen. She begins to sing Revolution for the glee club members, but the bell rings, interrupting her performance, and everyone exits the choir room.

Tina receives the poll numbers for prom queen from Dottie, and is curious as to how her numbers were so low.

She confronts Kitty in the hallway, and noticed all of the Photoshopped posters that were suspiciously put up. Tina is angered that Kitty didn't support her like she said she would.

Tina shows up to prom while New Directions perform Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band , and she takes a few prom photos. She goes up on stage with Kitty, Blaine, Artie, and the other nominees for prom court as they announce the winners.

Once Sue announces that Tina won, alongside Stoner Brett, everyone is cheering for her, and she is delighted as a crown is placed on her head.

However, Dottie goes forward with Bree 's plan, releasing a bucket of red slushie over Tina in a reference to Carrie.

She is angered and upset as she watches everyone laugh at her, before going off stage to the choir room in tears. New Directions confronts Tina in the choir room, and she is crying and telling everyone that she wants to go home.

Blaine convinces her that she could go out there and "be that girl" that she wants to be. The girls offer to give up their dresses, since she doesn't have another one to wear.

New Directions gets Tina dried and dressed up, and performs Hey Jude , as she has Kitty's dress on and goes back out to prom.

Tina cheers in the microphone once she makes it back on stage, and cheers with the other students. The episode begins with New Directions, old and new, singing Seasons of Love to pay tribute to Finn's death.

In the choir room, Will has gathered everyone for an assignment in Finn's memory: She later sings back-up vocals for Mercedes when she is singing her dedication song for Finn, I'll Stand by You.

Emma, not realizing Tina's denial of her grief, gives her pamphlets about her callousness and Tina leaves the room. Once Puck is done singing, she goes to hug him with everyone else before Santana storms in asking him where Finn's jacket is.

Along with some of his glee club friends, she places some red drumsticks at Finn's locker memorial in his honour where they are visited by Rachel.

Tina, Unique and Kitty get really into the assignment, but Jake remains uninterested. After the over-the-top performance of Applause from Team Katy, Team Gaga struggles to find a performance that can really top them, but Tina comes up with the idea to strip down the song into an acoustic number.

When Team Gaga sings Wide Awake in front of the audience, it ends up being a successful hit. Later, Tina, dressed up in Katy Perry garb, runs into the choir room with news that Throat Explosion plans to do Applause for their opening number in a way to mock New Directions.

After inspiring words from Will, Sue comes in with news that the New Directions have been suspended for their provocative clothing.

Despite this, New Directions sing Roar to show that they are not backing down. While Blaine is cleaning out the choir room, he is spied on by Tina, who films him twerking and shows it to the glee club, making them all laugh uncontrollably.

Despite Blaine's embarrassment, Will decides that this would be the perfect assignment. At a twerk tutorial in the auditorium, Tina and Ryder are shown to be very bad at twerking.

Nevertheless, she is shown to have gotten better by the time the glee club sings Blurred Lines all over the school. Schue explains to the school board why they shouldn't let Sue ban twerking, Tina, with Sam as her dance partner, presents the waltz.

When Unique asks Sue for a unisex bathroom, Sue implants a portable toilet in the middle of the choir room. While many are disgusted, Tina loves it and even uses it during glee rehearsals.

At the end of the episode, Tina participates in the song On Our Way , in which she sings a small solo. When Becky calls all of the glee club crazy and Will says "You may be right, We may be crazy.

Tina is goofing off with the rest of the New Directions in the choir room when Blaine enters the room with ideas for Nationals. New Directions, including Tina, are not pleased with Blaine wanting to feature himself heavily at Nationals.

Tina accuses him of being a dictator, even going as far as calling him "Blaine Jong-il. After the hallucination, the real Tina wakes him up from his dream and New Directions begin belittling him for not participating in glee club.

Near the end of the episode, Tina catches Blaine talking and flirting with a puppet version of herself, and is mildly creeped out.

She informs him that New Directions is sorry for being so harsh on him and agree to let him take a lead role in one of the Nationals performance.

Tina points out that the prize is for a rare, hand-blown Christmas angel that is said to have magical powers, in which Tina becomes wildly competitive and plots to win that angel so she can use its "magic" to get her a boyfriend or win prom queen as this is set in Season Four.

At the Christmas Club, Coach Beiste and Artie reveal that the Christmas manger has been vandalized, causing Tina to freak out, but after they suggest that they audition for a live nativity, Tina happily declares that Christmas has been saved.

Running through some ideas for the Christmas tree, Sam and Tina run into Becky Jackson in the hallways where she tries to force them to kiss her.

Tina accuses Becky of using "special needs" as an excuse to do whatever she wants. Afterwards, Sue arrives to see Becky off and informs Tina and Sam that she will be judging the Christmas tree contest, plotting to make sure that the glee club loses.

Tina, Unique, and Marley all perform Mary's Little Boy Child for the part of the Virgin Mary, but Marley is the one who gets the part, much to the anger of Tina, who was cast as a shepherd.

The performance works and everyone gathers around to hug Kitty after she says that she will play Mary. At the end of the episode, the New Directions sing Away in a Manger as everyone watches them as the living nativity.

They're both proud they managed to keep that tradition after their breakup and sad that their tradition is coming to an end.

Tina tells Artie she's worried about not being accepted in Brown University as there's little possibility for her to get in, so Artie starts singing Whenever I Call You Friend to her, and Tina joins him.

When the performance comes to an end, Becky enters and tells Artie and Tina that Sue wants them in her office. Sue informs them that they are tied for Senior Valedictorian, and both are shocked.

Sue then tells them that they will have to settle it, and that they will both present their speeches infront of a panel, who will choose the winner. Later Tina and Artie fight in the hallway since Tina wants Artie to let her be valedictorian so she can get into Brown University, but he refuses and they viciously trash talk each other, Artie saying Tina is McKinley's biggest bitch since sometime between Junior and Senior year, and Tina saying Kitty is using Artie and he is using her to become popular.

This leads them to start a rivalry. Tina, Sam and Blaine singing Jumpin' Jumpin'. They eventually end up in the choir room.

There they explain to their fellow glee-club members that they're performing this song in order to strengthen the bond between them. Will praises that they are trying to make the most of their senior year which is almost over, the thought of which makes Tina cry.

Blaine and Sam thus pull her into group-hugging. Tina then finds Sam and Blaine trying on their graduation robes, which reminds her of being separated from them in a couple of weeks, and makes her break into tears, again.

In order to cheer her up, Blaine suggests that they and Sam spend the night locked inside school with all the seniors.

They propose this idea to Sue, but she announces that she's not giving them permission to do so. Tina breaks into crying once more, and expresses her worries of never seeing them again soon to Blaine and Sam.

Sam and Blaine then present Tina a plan to have their own lock-in, to which Tina agrees to. Sam and Tina approach Blaine the following day, in order to make an effort to apologize.

Tina and Sam assure him that it was a mere fling, but Blaine doesn't want to hear about it. He leaves them in fury. Later Blaine approaches Tina and Sam in the choir room to apologize to them, and that he'll make sure they stay in touch after graduation.

At the end of the episode, in the auditorium, she sings, along with the seniors, Hold On. Later that night, Tina and the New Directions sneak on stage in the middle of the night to get a feel of their atmosphere, where they are confronted by Throat Explosion and their arrogant leader, Jean Baptiste , once again.

Sam and Tina are with Burt and Carole in their room, discussing their future where Tina accidentally makes a comment about her future life, prompting Carole to speak out loud about her lamenting not having one.

Tina apologizes for being insensitive, but Carole reassures her that she said nothing wrong and the two teenagers leave to let Burt and Carole talk things out.

Later in the choir room, New Directions are finally voting for the diva off, she votes for Rachel saying that she is the "real Fanny Brice.

By the end of the episode, Tina and the rest of the New Directions prepare to say goodbye for good, unknowingly being watched from above by April and Holly.

Tina expresses concern for her future when she has yet to receive a letter from Brown, and after being rejected by her back-up schools, she then becomes to desperate to find a way to get to New York.

It's revealed through a voiceover that Tina is adopted and Jewish, and she plans to use this information to get into a Jewish college university, Mitzvah.

Later on, Tina joins Artie, Blaine, and Sam in the choir room and laments how she couldn't get into Brown and how big of a loser she is, when the guys decide to comfort her with Loser Like Me and encourage her to go to New York with them, which she agrees to.

In hopes to cheer Will up, all of the New Directions, new and old, gather to put together a special video to Will's unborn child, expressing their gratitude and love for Will.

Tina mentions that she would've still had a fake stutter if it wasn't for Will. Afterwards, all the New Directions and alumni, including Will, come together to sing one last performance of Don't Stop Believin'.

On graduation day, after Tina hurries the sophomores to get to graduation, the seniors all accept their diploma, with a surprise diploma for Brittany.

Seconds before graduation ends, Tina tells the guys she can't go with them to New York because she got her acceptance from Brown, and they all embrace her with a hug, excited for her.

Tina briefly appears in the episode recap, along with Brittany and Kitty - the ex-girlfriends of Artie. She is first seen in Rachel's nightmare dressed as she was in Season One and stuttering.

She gives Rachel her "costume," but actually there is nothing on the hanger. She then watches her performance and dances to it.

Next we see her when she comes to visit her friends in New York to watch Rachel's show. She brings Rachel flowers, and when Rachel doesn't say anything because she is resting her voice, Tina reminisces about the time she had laryngitis.

This bothers Rachel, but she tries to act like that's not the case. Tina then notices Artie isn't there, and starts naming all the friends that aren't there, saying how they are not being supportive, not noticing that is making Rachel uncomfortable.

Mercedes interrupts her and asks about Brown University. Tina gladly accepts that topic, saying she loves everything about it except her dormroom and her roommate.

She then goes on to tell them she currently doesn't have a boyfriend, but was dating a really nice guy that turned out to be gay.

As all of her friends assumed he was gay even before she finished the sentence, she feels a bit offended, and starts talking about Rachel's show again.

She tells her about the amazing story she read on Broadway. Blaine tries to stop her from talking about it, but she doesn't respond to that, not noticing how much all this is bothering Rachel.

She only stops talking after Sam bluntly tells her to shut up. Rachel excuses herself from their company, clearly shaken, saying she needs to sleep.

Mercedes then decides Tina is going to stay at her place so she wouldn't accidentally make Rachel even more nervous.

Next day she comes to the apartment along with Blaine, Sam and Mercedes, and tries her best to make Rachel feel better so she could go on stage that night.

After they all fail at cheering her up, they talk about how bad the situation is, not knowing what to do next.

She is shocked when Sue comes into the apartment and asks her what she is doing there. She is obviously offended when Sue calls her "Asian number one" and doesn't like the fact that she will be staying in the apartment.

When Santana manages to cheer up Rachel, she participates in the group hug. In Season Six , Jenna Ushkowitz was demoted to recurring cast.

After the glee club meeting, Tina approaches Quinn and questions her comment about Brown University when they find Becky in the hallways where she insults them but also asks them for help.

Becky tells them she lied to her new boyfriend that she was the president of all club in WMHS and a member of the glee club. Both of them agree to help.

She seems happy when Santana proposes to Brittany and even quips Kurt for interrupting their proposal, saying that "as somebody who has lived their life jealously attacking the happiness of others even I can't hate this engagement" also adding that she ships them.

She is thanked by Santana who secretly staring at Kurt in a serious manner. Later when she, Quinn, and Becky are rehearsing for their performance, Becky quits after just 10 minutes practicing, saying she would go for a date.

Together with Roz and Sue , Quinn and Tina confront Darrell, Becky's boyfriend, about his intentions with Becky, in which he states that she should be treated like normal people do.

After that, Tina, Quinn and Becky are preparing to perform So Far Away , Tina tells Becky not to be scared and to burst in like Mercedes but during the performance Becky gets scared and runs away.

Quinn and Tina along with Brittany and Santana chase her to see if she is okay. In an empty classroom, Becky cries while all of them comforts her and suggest that she told the truth to Darrell.

Tina adds that Darrell seems to really like her, and states that she sees him looking at Becky in the way she wants a guy to look at her.

Brittany objects in a serious cynical way, saying she blocked Tina's voice a couple of months ago because everything she said is always about her, which Tina seems to take offense.

Becky thanks them all. Tina is seen helping to decorate a barn, where Brittanys and Santanas wedding takes place, dragging a tree, as Kurt asks people to help her.

Tina complains about how she ended up doing this. Kurt replies that she volunteered to help. They walk out in different dresses, to which the 3 girls judge their dresses.

Brittany walks out, where all of them agree that the dress she is wearing, is the right one. They all are surprised. Artie tells her its crazy.

Blaine states how its romantic, to which Tina thanks him. Blaine tells her to do it. They all hug, Artie looking glum.

Before the wedding ceremony, Tina walks up to Mike and Puck, where latter commenting on how hot Tina looks, to which Mike agrees.

Mercedes, Tina and Rachel are gathered with Brittany Brittany in her dress, while the other three, in bridesmaids dresses. Brittany paces, saying to find things lizards and spiders for her good luck and they walk out.

Later at the reception in another part of the barn, Tina combs her hair, as Mike walks in. He goes to walk out, but Tina asks him to stay for a moment.

She gets the ring, and starts to propose to him, about wanting to spend her life with him. She gets on her knees, asking him if he wants to marry her.

Tina gets up, saying what she did was stupid. He then tells her that its only natural for her to say this, because their friends are getting married.

He tells her that they have their lives ahead of them, and that there is a million guys out there, but Tina cuts him short, and they both kiss.

Mike then proposes that they should have their dance, to which Tina accepts. They walk out and dance togther during Our Day Will Come.

The following day, in the choir room, Tina walks in to Artie setting up lunch, feeling nostalgic, wanting to relive their Tuesday lunches.

She stops him, saying how can he be so sure. They say cheers and drink. Their uncle and aunt were listed as their natural parents on official documents until December , when the true parents were listed.

John later obtained an M. In March , he officially changed his surname to "Chiang", saying, "The change represents a respect for history, a return to the facts, and a realization of my parents' wishes.

He was selected a member of the National Assembly in He was Foreign Minister from to , vice premier in , and Secretary-General of the presidential office in He was speculated as a potential running mate for Lien Chan on the KMT ticket in the presidential elections until a sex scandal involving a mistress caused him to resign on 22 December Chang announced his candidacy for the December legislative elections in March He served as the Chairman of Interior Affairs Committee while in the legislature.

In January , Chiang declared his candidacy as a KMT candidate for the Taipei Mayor , [11] but withdrew from the race in April, stating he did so for party solidarity.

In April , Chiang lost a poll for the Kuomintang legislative candidacy to Lo Shu-lei , a fellow Kuomintang legislator, in the Taipei Zhongshan-Songshan electoral district by a margin of 0.

John Chiang has said that the Diaoyu islands, which are disputed between the Republic of China and Japan , belong "to all Chinese people".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from John Chang. Not to be confused with Chang Hsiao-yen. This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Chiang.

Nicholas Kardinal Cheong Jin-suk. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Massachusetts State Senator für den 2. Mei Chang bliebt bisher immer sehr im Hintergrund der Handlung und wirkte eher merkwürdig und bundesliga heute alle spiele. Es wurde durch Fig bekannt, dass Chang gefunden wurde, die gerade in einem ausgehöhlten Hirschkadaver schlief. Bei diesem Artikel wird der Familienname vor den Vornamen der Person gesetzt. Die wohlhabende Familie gehörte dem christlichen Glauben an, sein Vater war Philosoph. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Mai , abgerufen am US-Dollar an den Kinokassen einspielte. Im Januar wurde sie als Abgeordnete vereidigt. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Im feierlichen Konsistorium vom Von bis zu seiner Ernennung zum Bischof war er Exekutivsekretär der Liturgiekommission der koreanischen Bischofskonferenz. Caputo hat Bewerbungsgespräche mit Bewerbern für die Wächter-Stellen. Alle folgenden Benutzernamen beziehen sich auf en. Es wurde Anklage gegen sie erhoben, weil auf einer Videoaufzeichnung zu sehen war, wie sie angeblich Bestechungsgeld in Jetzt anmelden und Turnier-Champion werden Büstenhalter stopfte, das sie als Entlohnung für Gefälligkeiten erhalten haben soll. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Er ist Vater von drei Kindern. Before the wedding ceremony, Tina walks up to Mike and Puck, where latter commenting on how hot Tina looks, to which Mike agrees. Casino machine a sous comment gagner, who is dressed up as "Vicky the robot girl" from Small Wonderand Marley then surprise Kitty after the lesson. Tina gets up, saying what she did was stupid. As a book of maya slot, there is no winner since both teams cheated. She is then able to wear the clothes she likes again. Bookofra Chia is good application. She goes up on stage with Kitty, Blaine, Artie, and the other nominees for prom court as they announce the winners. When the energy is made to flow through this Channel, it ceases to flow through the Ida Yin Channel and eishockey wm köln 2019 Pingala Yang channel making them easy to break by making the Dan tian jump like you have the dry heaves. Tina whispers to Mike that she feels bad for Kurt when he gets elected prom queen. Tina is the only junior present. Puck also watches from the other end of the auditorium, walking out before they finishes. Be patient and most importantly listen. However, she is one of the people who recorded a message of his accomplishments to put in his University essay, saying about john chang wiki saving Sectionals for the last two years. It was like a spiritual war, his spirit trying to show the truth, versus all the spirits who are trying to suppress it for their personal gain. The next day, in the now empty choir room, Finn and Will announce that glee club is over until the next school year.

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